May buy a 2004 Z350, need advice

06-03-2008, 10:04 PM
I'm a GM guy historically but I have 98 Caddy with a blown head gasket, and I located a 2004 Z350 6speed with 37k miles, I can trade the Caddy and pickup the Z for about $17,000 including TT&L, seem reasonable enough, but what major issues do I need to be aware of, such as:
1) can I burn regular gas without hurting it?
2) are the tires like a Vette's tires that stay put, meaning you can't rotate them to preserve rubber?
3) Does this have serpentine belts driving the cams instead of chains so that they will have to be replaced at about 100k miles?
4) What major maintenance factors do I need to be aware of if any?
5) How durable are these cars?
6) What else? Are there any major defects that have showed up over time in these cars?

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