2001 Honda Crv - no air blowing

06-03-2008, 05:49 PM
I believe the blower is out - the air just suddenly stopped blowing. The A/c light in the dash still works, but there is no air regardless if the a/c is on or not. Is this the symtom of a blower going out?

I am going to check the fuse but would a fuse just blow out?

If it is a blower, I see where it is located on the passenger side near the kick plate - is there anything special I need to know before I try changing it out? I believe on some cars there is an issue with the fan cage so I am curious if that will be a challenge.

Trying to diagnose the problem and fix it myself but I am not mechanically inclined but willing to try. Please advise if you can - all comments appreciated.

06-03-2008, 06:30 PM
There are a few things to try that are fairly simple and don't cost any money. First it may be good to pull the fan and make sure there isn't anything jammed in it. Make sure it spins freely also. Next get a 12v power supply and see if the fan will work when it is connected directly to a power supply. If it doesn't work then its off to the parts house, some replacements come as a motor only some come with the cage on it. If your local parts house only offers the motor see if they will assist you in the swap, they can be difficult. Hopefully you won't have to go to the Stealer. If the motor works it would be nice if its just a fuse, if not it could be a relay or the switch. Start there and see what happens.

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