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1990 Corsica stalling - How to disconnect TCC solenoid?

05-26-2008, 07:33 PM

I own a 1990 Chevy Corsica (2.2L, 4 cylinder), and for several months I've been having a lot of problems with the car shaking violently and stalling when I slow down \ stop from even moderate (~30mph) speeds.

Based on the threads in this forum, I assume the problem is due to a faulty TCC solenoid. Several people have posted that this problem is resolved if you remove a plug. I have a few questions about this, and would appreciate some suggestions.

1) I don't have any experience at all with car repairs. Is disengaging the TCC solenoid *really* as simple as it sounds (i.e. just pulling a plug out), or would I need any tools \ equipment? Are there additional steps involved that are obvious to an experienced person, but which I am overlooking? Or would a novice be better off just taking the car to a service center and asking someone there to disconnect the plug? If you think I should go the service center-route, do you know how much I should expect to pay for disconnecting *or* replacing the TCC solenoid?

2) This thread ( said I should be looking for a square, 4-pronged blue plug on my right-hand side when facing the engine. I did find a square blue plug, but couldn't easily remove it. I didn't want to force it since I wasn't 100% sure it is the correct plug. Does this sound like the correct plug to people who have fixed the problem in this way? Is there any website or book with a good diagram that I could check to verify?

3) I'm assuming my problem is the TCC solenoid based only on internet searches and the comments on this forum. Are there any other issues that could explain the symptoms?

- The shaking \ stalling problem also occurs when I need to accelerate while going uphill.
- I can feel a large jerk when shifting from "Park" to "Reverse." There is some movement when changing gears in other ways, but not as significant.
- This shaking \ stalling problem started fairly recently. I've had this car since 1991, and drive it mostly on weekends. This problem began last year. It doesn't happen with every drive, but it is getting more frequent. At first it would only occur when I slowed down after going 50mph+. I've been driving slowly in order to avoid this, but lately it's happening even as I slow from moderate speeds (30mph or less).

Thanks for reading, and I'd appreciate your input!

05-28-2008, 06:26 PM
Pull the 4 wire type electrical plug.
May not have all 4 wires in it but is a 4 pin connection.
Test drive it and see if it still acts up.
Post back results.

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