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What glue to use to attach outside mirror?

steve brooks1
05-16-2008, 09:58 PM
I just bought a used 2002 Saturn SL. Right after I got it home, the outside mirror on the passenger side fell out of the frame (dealer had glue it in with clear silicone). It landed on the grass and didn't break. Since the car dealer tried silicone and that didn't work, I was wondering if anyone had experience with what glue actually worked? I have gone to several parts stores thinking they would have something for this purpose but no one seemed to know what to use. I looked through the inventory of glues myself. Several of the glues that actually said they stuck to glass were either corrosive (afraid it might damage mirror surface) or had warnings that they melted plastic (mirror frame material). So, I was scared to try them. Anyone know what glue to use? Any information or help appreciated.

Steve Brooks

05-16-2008, 10:11 PM
I think think best would be any good brand of silicone mirror adhesive. ITs safe for the mirror. The glue should be used in the exact proportion as specified and allowed enough time to dry.

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