intake gasket leak

03-04-2003, 09:27 PM
antifreeze leak into oil
all foamy and brown

Do I need to have a machinist check parts
or can I clean and rebuild wiht old parts and
new gaskets?

03-04-2003, 09:38 PM
Intake gasket? You mean head gasket, you could get away with just a head gasket change. You do not have enough mileage to need a rebuild. You can take the head off without unbolting intake or exhaust headers.

03-04-2003, 09:53 PM
intake gasket , but more important engine runs fine, a gasket
failed, antifreeze in oil.

need to replace gaskets I have to get the yucki stuff out
so oil flows to the right places.
can I reuse the bearings?

Scott 02
03-08-2003, 02:54 PM
Yes Ringo...Intake Gasket:rolleyes: So anyway, If you have antifreeze in the oil then thats no good obviously. Drain the oil and drain the radiator. Fix the head gasket if you can. Then add the oil and antifreeze. I think you will be better off taking it to a local mechanic and have them take care of your gasket problem. It will save yourself the headache.

04-17-2003, 09:35 AM
Contact them so we can get a recall on the problem!!!!!


G. Richard Wagoner, Jr.
President, CEO, Director
300 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI 48265

Mr. Wagoner,

I am writing you this letter in hopes that you can resolve a situation for me. I bought a 1996 Pontiac Transport on March 1, 2003 from Liberty Auto Plaza in Libertyville, Illinois. I have to say, I have always bought GM cars and was excited that this vehicle is in such great condition. The Transport had 43,201 miles on it and the condition of the van appeared to be in great condition for being in the Midwest weather conditions that we have. But to my surprise something major went wrong.

Two weeks after the purchase I noticed that my coolant levels were going down. I looked for leaks and there appeared to be none. I was under the assumption that when I bought the car they did not fill the fluids. I refilled the radiator and overflow but much to my surprise the next day they were empty. I know a lot about cars and I immediately looked in the oil. Sure enough my radiator fluid was going into the engine (Cracked Manifold Gasket). I had the car towed back to the dealer and they confirmed the problem. I then had it towed to an Engine specialist to have it repaired.

I have done a lot of research and it has come to my attention that this is a problem since the 1994 Transports were released. From my understanding this should be classified as a recall. I have talked to Pontiac dealerships in my area and they agree with me that this is a problem and it should be a recall. They see so many of these vans come in with the same thing I have.

As you can see by the bill of sale, I paid cash for the Transport. When this defect of the manifold gasket revealed itself I was in shock. I just put a lot of money down for the vehicle and now I have to spend some more to get it fixed. I could not afford to rent a car so I had to borrow my mother in-laws car. I had to take 2 days off of work just to clear up loose ends with the van. (Make sure it was dropped off and pick it up). This was very aggravating and upsetting. I did not have my vehicle till March 26th, 2003, that is almost 2 weeks. None of this would have happened if a recall had put through to fix the problem in the first place.

What I am asking is if you could reimburse me the total amount of damages I incurred. I have included all my repair receipts and documentation of where I bought the car. The total that I am requesting is $622.00. I have talked to dealerships in my area and they are charging $1200.00 to $1500.00 for the same work I had done.

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