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looking for acid dip metal stippers in north east

05-09-2008, 01:12 AM
Can anyone recommend an acid dipping place to strip paint/rust somewhere in the north east US? I am actually from western NY, but at this point willing to travel anywhere within daily driving distance.

I am doing a full restoration on 88 camaro and few summers ago media blasted entire underside. I then applied picklex 20 (zinc phosphate-based metal conditioner/rust inhibitor) and painted small section with Zero Rust. I had to let the car sit in the garage through the winter and when I came back in spring I found rust coming right through the fresh paint.

I am not sure what went wrong and seems everyone I talk to who knows anything about those products just tells me "that shouldn't have happened", but that doesn't really help me. So now I am thinking of getting entire car dipped. Does anyone know of a place that would do that? I know of one in Allentown, PA, but I heard there was another one somewhere in OH. Anyone know of it?

p.s. I will not get a different body as I am pretty determined to finish what I've started as I've seen cars get restored which are in way worse shape than what I have to work with and for me this is an experience I do want to go through.

05-09-2008, 07:25 AM
Try these people.
Yes, I know they are in the Toronto area, but it's still within a days drive.

You will have to get the car across the border, but older cars can be "imported" duty-free. Also, as long as Canada and US Customs knows the chassis is not staying in Canada, you should be okay.
However, a call to US Customs may be a good idea first.

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