Celcior Engine Problems ... Plz HELP !!

05-08-2008, 05:36 PM
Hey Everyone,

So in short i have a celcior 90 model and recently it has started making a squeeking noise which is coming out of the engine. Now it doesnt make this noise all the time or at any particular time but when it does smoke starts to come out of the engine.

The noise kind of sounds like either a fanbelt or a metal rubbing on metal sound!!!

I was wondering what this could be or how i could figure out what it is ?

Hope you can help :)

Wil C
05-18-2008, 01:02 PM
Well.. I would see if it's actually the engine itself. Because if it was the engine.. and you kept running it.. i would expect your engine to seize up.

First i'll probably see if it happens only when it's cold. then see the belts condition, and see if the pulleys for the belt(s) is starting to seize or seized.(remember this could be any pulley, the alternator or someting in the timing belt(if you have one) or something.)

You need to better descibe this squeaking noise.. is it constant like non stop squeaking no matter what, or s it pulsing?(does it follow engine speed?)...

AND.. are you sure it's not brake wear indicators.. XD

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