should i buy a 2008 colorado?

Linex JJ
05-06-2008, 08:11 PM
just wondering if anyone on here has owned or owns a 2008 colorado? im thinking of getting a 2008 colorado crew cab, 4wd 4x4 , sidesteps, with leather interior, power everything(onstar etc..) but i know the dealership is trying to rip me off. i need an idea of a price that should be paid for the truck, i was told it would be 42k canadian but ive seen avalanches and silverados posted for sale at that price. any advice would help me out allot. also does anyone know what GM accessorized performance parts means? i do bedliners for work so i get to see allot of trucks and we had a chevy silverado with those gm accessorized logos on it and it was 100 times nicer and louder than any other silverado on the road or that ive ever seen. seriously comparing it to the regular silverado was like comparing a corvette to a honda civic. thanks for reading

Will Help
05-06-2008, 09:19 PM
I still can't get over thinking of them as 3/4's of a real man's truck.

I know guys who have them and seem to be happy. Depends on the engine and if you plan to pull/haul anything.

Linex JJ
05-07-2008, 01:46 AM
thanks, thats one of the problems i am having, its fairly small for a truck but the reason im thinking of getting one is because of gas prices. if i do decide to get the colorado im going to get the 3.7 litre opposed to the standard 2.9. i wont need it for towing, just for my tool bag and maybe some 2x4s. i was talking with a guy who owns a colorado and a toyota tundra and he said he gets twice the milage from a tank of gas in the colorado. .....still not sure if i should get one.

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