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Somebody please help me ! 92 corsica injector problem !

05-05-2008, 11:12 AM
:banghead: I have a 92 Chevy corsica 3.1L V6 automatic , have had a problem with it sputtering and throwing a 43 code . I have a scanner and the book said it was the ignition system . Well I changed the ignition module , checked the coils resistance ( 6 Ohms ) and put on new wires and plugs , but would still sputter when check engine light came on . Well two weeks ago I was pulling out of my yard it was like someone just turned off a switch and it just died ! Checked the spark with tester for electronic ignition , getting good spark ! Found out that the code 43 was actually the spark knock sensor , so I changed it along with the crankshaft sensor with no luck . Checked the fuel pressure , fuel pump , pump fuse and all were good . My step dad came over , he is a mechanic and he hooked up injector testers ( some little lights that plug into the injectors ) and they would not light up . We figured it was the engine control computer , so I put a new computer in it , switching over the memcal power chip to the new computer and it still won't fire the injectors . I know the memcal chips are vehicle specific but I went to a salvage yard and got one out of a 93 corsica that was identical to mine , engine size , model , automatic tranny the car was exactly like mine all the features were the same . Tried two different ones and it still won't start . It will run as long as I am spraying starting fluid in it but won't stay running . There is constant power running to the pink wire on injectors which should always be hot and the fuse is good . I tested the blue and the green wires that go to each injector and the have power also , but shouldn't thay have negative pulses to fire injectors ? I was thinking maybe the injectors went bad , but I figured not all 6 at one time . The only other thing I can think of is maybe the fuel pressure regulator or tps which shouldn't keep it from starting though . :banghead: I heard that the abs system can affect the injectors , but I don't think my car has abs and my car doesn't have a camshaft sensor either . This car has us confused , somebody please help !:banghead:

05-06-2008, 03:22 PM
I see you checked pressure, but, a wild stab here as I have not had injector problems before with mine, BUT, how MUCH fuel pressure does the car have? It should have 40 lbs or more. Any less and that can be a problem. Maybe a weak pump, regulator, or a clogged filter etc. Mine even had a fuel pump relay go out(on firewall). maybe injectors won't work with low pressure??? Just a thought. Otherwise I am at a loss.

05-06-2008, 06:53 PM
I would get a scanner on it and look for cranking rpms, if none suspect the wiring from the cps to the icm or either component, also the wiring to the pcm or the pcm itself, if you have spark and no injector pulse. Also check the circuit diagram at this link.

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