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97-05 N Body Power Steering Pump Removal-includes Reservoir & EVO(VAS) Replacemnt

04-27-2008, 09:53 PM
You will need to remove the belt, see the below link for this procedure.
Removing The Serpentine Belt (

- To remove the power steering pump , the upper(pass side) motor mount must be removed just as with the belt removal (in the link above).

- You will also need a ps pump pulley removal tool, about $35-50 to rent. Most other pullers will break the fiber pulley.

** It is also recomended(should say in the pump you bought) to flush the system thoroughly and replace your hoses, or you could contaminate your pump and void your warranty.
See the flush procedure here (

- Unplug the cruise control wires (plug-in) secure them out of the way, remove the clamp holding the cruise unit onto the mounting braket. You can leave the round cable connected.

- Remove the power steering high pressure(outlet) line with a 5/8" line wrench. Green arrow..

- Then unplug the VAS sensor, red plug above.

- Now remove using a 1/2" socket remove the 3 bolts holding the PS pump on... a swivle may help get to the bottom left bolt, the engine mount is slighty in the way.

- Here are a few picks that will help removing your pulley.
Your kit will have several pieces that you wont need, here are some you will.

This is the pieces(3) that pull the pulley.

Red arrows in the above picture shows where to place bolt in a sturdy vise once the 3 pieces are on.

This is the bolt & nut/washer that should come with your new pump to install the pulley.

- The nut would be threaded to the top, slip on washer, and screw into the pump shaft.
- I like to fasten this bolt head in a sturdy vise also. Then crank the nut down untill the pulley seats with the pump shaft. You may need to hold the pulley at first as it wants to spin a little.

-- For those who are just replacing the PS pump, you need to transfer the reservoir & the VAS(EVO) sensor see below.

- Removing the reservoir is tricky, this should help.

- First insert a narrow screw driver into the clip(s) center.

- While prying it up, slide(tap with a hammer) the retainer clamp off. Thiers two of these clamps.

- Once the clamps are removed, lift the reservoir off.

The pump should come with a new "O" ring, replace it.

- To install just reverse the processs.

-- For the Pressure line and sensor removal you will need to put the pump in a sturdy vise.

- Using a large boxed end wrench, or a very large cresent(adjustable) wrench, unscrew the fitting, the green arrrow which looks like a nut, #2.

** - When reinstalling the vavle portion, you need to hold the outlet( red arrow, #1) just a little toward the return inlet, if it is to parallel with the pump, your engine lift hook is in the way for the pressure hose to connect properly.

- the line outlet will spin once its broke loose.

You also can see I removed the sensor to protect it from being broken, it's plastic and contains a magnetic coil.
A snap ring tool is required to remove the snap rings holding the sensor on the shaft, though needle nose pliers might also work.

- You kit should also contain several other "O" rings to replaced.

Here is the pressure valve apart, replace all "O" rings.
** Lightly lube the "O" rings with new power steering fluid so they'll slide easily and not get damaged.

Install in reverse procedure.

You will also need this procedure to bleed the power steering system.

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