?how to unplug CD changer.. trunk mounted one wire

04-26-2008, 10:10 PM
I have a JVC cassette/reciever KS-Fx230/F130 with CHX99 CD changer in my '95 Chrysler Lebaron convertible. The changer is mounted in the trunk. I need to remove CD changer part of the system to deep clean..(dust dirt etc car stored 2yrs).

I have the cd changer loose from the auto but not the wire...Never seeing the "in" part of the plug I don't know how prong(s) might shaped... I don't want to damage the plug/system... plug is odd shaped and wire comes off the side.....Does it lock in any way? ...plug base looks like it might go in & maybe turn to lock? ....or does it plug straight in?

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