Immobilizer problem?

04-26-2008, 02:03 PM
I have a 2002 miata that was working fine when I parked it around 3 months ago. Recently, I pushed it into my garage because the battery was dead. Put a new battery in it and now it cranks but won't start. I can hear the fuel pump (I think) run for around three seconds when I turn the key on. I read that included in the instrument panel lights that come on when the ignition switch is turned on is an immobilizer system light. I never noticed an immobilizer light before (but wasn't looking for one either) but now there is nothing that looks like the picture in the owner's manual (says it should be a car with a key over it I think). Anyway, the ABS, Check engine, brake, airbag, seatbelt, and electrical (battery) light illuminate but I see no immobilizer light. I have checked the ROOM fuse and the ENGINE fuse (both referred to in the mazda service manual) and they are good. OBD-II code scan shows no codes to retrieve. So any ideas? And, where exactly is the immobilizer light? The manuals say it is on the instrument cluster but unless it is lit, you can't tell which dark hole is the one.

Thanks for any help - Mike

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