Michigan Laws Regarding External Lighting

04-24-2008, 09:27 PM
I am interested in getting underbody lighting. As far as I can tell, LED is the way to go. If anyone thinks neon is better let me know. Does anyone know what a good quality, relatively inexpensive kit would be? Also, does anyone know of a kit with just the two side tubes...I'm not that crazy about front and rear.

My main question though is the Michigan legality of exterior lighting. Are they completely illegal to have on while driving? I've read some people say that in some places you can have them on while driving only if the tube its self isn't visible, just the glow underneath. I've also heard stuff regarding the front and rear colors and such. Can anyone give me an exact outline of what is legal and what isn't? I would prefer this to be backed up by a specific law you are getting your information from. I don't want to base it just on what someone thinks or a rumor.

Thanks for your time, it's very much appreciated.

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