97 Mercury Tracer Manual Tranny

04-24-2008, 05:25 PM
Was wondering if anyone out there has removed a manual tranny from a 97 tracer, how long it usually takes and if any special tools are really needed.

reading the FSM it shows a few but reading other manuals show none is needed, when you pull the axles the FSM recommends using a special tool type plug to hold the parts in place inside the trany, I'm sure them tools cost an arm and a leg at the dealer so I'm hoping that one of you out there has done it and what you used to get it done without a boxful of special tools:)

04-25-2009, 04:37 PM
You should check out the 'Escort' subforum of the "Ford" forum. It has a lot more participants, and the subject of how to remove a tranny has come up several times. I have a 94 Escort with the 5 spd manual transmission. Yours being a 3rd gen. machine might be different from my 2nd gen. Escort - but probably not much.
The service manual says the engine and transmission have to be removed together. But on the Escort forum I know that folks have discussed pulling the transmission out from the bottom without removing the engine. I think they have to unbolt the subframe and let it droop, to have room to slide the transmission sideways far enough from the engine for the trnny input shaft to come out of the pressure plate. Then you can lower the transmission down. (Assuming all the other stuff is disconnected of course.)
I pulled mine out like the manual said; engine and tranny together; not only because I have a hoist to lift it up, but not a way to hold the car up very high; but also because the engine had ingested its #4 inlet valve - so had to come apart anyway.
It wasnt too hard to do, as driveline removals go. My hoist is a cheap Chinese thing, held up by an A frame I made of wood. It looks like a very large sawhorse. Really the tricky part was getting the axle shafts out of the transmission without cracking anything on the side of the 'differential' case. The axle nuts may also be hard to undo. Remembering where all the parts connected would have also been hard, but I took a lot of pictures with my digital camera, and had the photos to look at when re-assembling.
If there was any special tool needed, it would have been a heavy duty 'impact type' 6 point socket, to use for loosening the crankshaft damper pulley. I took that off before I removed the motor/tranny. I wish I had a decent air-impact wrench. It would have speeded up getting that bolt off, as well as getting the axle hub nuts loosened.
I did this work with the front of the body supported on stacks of 2 ft long 6" x 6" lumber chunks, set right under where the front door hinges are. That gave me enough room to slide underneath, but still be able to lean over the fenders.
The other tool that is Really Really useful is my acetylene torch. Those rusted bolts on the exhaust system just got sliced off with the cutting tip.
Im going to send you a p.m. with another good site to check out.

04-26-2011, 08:15 AM
Hello denisond3,
I will soon be undertaking the process of replacing a clutch in my 96 Mercury Tracer, I have no car knowledge whatsoever and need all the help I can get. In your post you said you took off your tranny and took pictures I was hoping I could get those pictures from you, and if you could give me any tips on replacing a clutch in a manual tracer. Please Please help.
Yours truly Rathrathon

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