2003 Kia Rio Cinco Problems!!

04-23-2008, 04:23 PM
I bought this car off the lot brand new when I lived on Maui, Hawaii. I really loved it for the first 20K, now it is one problem after another, after I shipped the car to Las Vegas, where I relocated. First the plastic brackets holding the visors have cracked and broken and I can not find them anywhere. Than the passenger seat belt is stuck, the left back auto window will not go up or down. The brake light came on and the mechanic says I need new brakes, rotors, etc. And he says the engine brackets are loose and causing a vibration. I have had the brake pads, etc checked and changed when needed. Now there is a loud humming sound which lives me clueless. Anyone with same problems or know the answers? I have contacted a lawyer about the Lemon Law as the problems occured as soon as the warranty ended..LOL:runaround:

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