Need Engine tuning Advice - Cutlass Supreme

04-14-2008, 10:45 AM
1977 Cutlass Supreme Brougham (automatic; 350 4bbl; 170hp but 275ft lbs of torque; 4-door non-vinyl hardtop sedan; 58000miles; just over 93000km; built in Lansing, Michigan, U.S.A)

1975 Cutlass Supreme Supreme S (automatic; 350 4bbl; 170hp but 275ft lbs of torque; 4-door non-vinyl hardtop sedan; 100000miles; just over 160000km; built in Ste. Therese, Quebec, Canada)

I plan on adding power to both of these cars, not that they aren't already fun enough to drive, and need some advice. I have some mechanical knowledge but not enough to do complete overhauls and I don't exactly have an unlimited budget to pay for heads, valves, crankshafts etc. I do know that the '75 and '77 models were airflow restricted as far as the exhaust system goes because of the pollution laws. And in turn resulted in GM using less heavy duty cranks, cams etc. Will I feel the difference if I just replace the headers and exhaust and if there is a dual exhaust configuration allowable for any of these models in terms of fitting underneath the car? Can anyone recommend an Edelbrock intake and carb configuration that will allow me to keep the stock crank, valves etc. and one that will be decent on gas? I don't need the most economical config and I do want power but the big oil companies are laughing in our faces(Canadians pay up to a fifth more than Americans at the pump). Can anyone verify if the '75's crank is stronger than the '77's? Can anyone give me a cam recommendation? Also, would there be a scrap yard solution; like using parts from different V8's of various years that would be more cost effective? Don't hesitate to give advice; I very much appreciate all the input.

04-14-2008, 05:07 PM
Check Edelbrock's web site, thiers a lot of stuff you can do, even on a small buget. They usualy have kits available for specific year/makes/models.

Ok I re-thought what I said earlier and I wouldnt go any bigger then stock on the carb or maybe a 650 CFM holly type.

Duals will fit under the car, would need a custom exhaust, I dont know of any after markets available.

I used to have a 76' 442 hurst olds , it was substancialy more hp stock.

Plus this should be moved to the Olds Classics section, you'll better your chances of responces. I'll move it !

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