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car speed won't pick up

04-09-2008, 07:03 AM

I found this website upon friend suggestion, I would like to voice the problem with my car. Hope someone can give me some tips

I have an automatic Hyundai Getz, Everyday when I start my car, It will only move at 20km/hr. It seems like it does not change gear at all. I rev up the car, the speed problem will still stay as low as 20km/hr. It problem normally persist after its been on the road for after 5 to 10 minutes later. This problem will not happen under a cool whether or after a rainy night in the morning when the car is cold, but the problem is especially worse after my car is left out garage under the a shiny day for a couple of hours.

Can anyone tell me what could be the problem? is it the air compression problem or speed sensor problem? Thanks

04-14-2008, 10:19 PM
The trans behavior and the the speedometer not reading are both part of the same problem. The trans has changed its function to "limp-in" mode (operates in only 2nd gear) which is designed to allow you to drive the car but to prevent any damage to the trans while you go get it serviced. The reason it has done that is more than likely because the output speed sensor on the trans has either a poor electrical connection to its plug or the sensor itself has stopped working. And of course that would also cause the speedo to stop working.
So you don't have a big problem. If you want to check out the wiring plug yourself, open the hood and examine the driver's side end of the engine/transmission unit, looking particularly at the side of it that faces the front of the car. You will see a vertical shaft with a lever to which a cable is attached (this will move when the shifter in the cabin is changed to a different gear). Just to the outside of that shaft (toward the left side of the car, where left means the driver' side) you will see a small device screwed into the side of the transmission that has an electrical plug on its end. This device is very near to the very end of the trans. That is the output speed sensor. Check its plug by pushing it firmly onto the end of the sensor, and also examing the wires to verify that none of them are damaged. If that looks alright then drive the car and see if the trans will shift or if the speedo works. If not, then you can unplug the plug on the end of the sensor and look to verify that the contacts are clean. If they look clean, then probably the sensor has failed. If they look corroded try to clean them with some solvent and drive the car again. If it still doesn'f fix the problem, you can get a replacement at a Chrysler dealer parts department. Then just use a proper size wrench to unscrew the old one and install the new one. Make sure that the weather seal is taken off the old sensor and reused on the new sensor. The sensor should be tightened to 20 foot-lbs, which is a fairly tight torque (similar to that for a spark plug).
That should fix the problem. If you don't want to do it yourself the labor time to replace the output speed sensor is no more than 15 minutes.
That is my analysis of the situation. You can also have the memory of the transmission controller read out to see if it too has observed a problem with the output sensor. But that involves another labor charge. I think that the two things gone wrong are both driven by that sensor makes me almost certain that it is the problem.

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04-16-2008, 06:59 AM
Hi, thank you for your diagnosis

Probably a better way to put my car problem would be my car transmission takes a bit long to shift out of 1st gear. sometimes 10 mins, somtimes its ok. It normally takes longer to shift out 1st gear if it is in the warm whether.

I had a guy tried out my car today and he told me solenoid is slipping in the transmission and require re-condition of the transmission. But you still want to get second opinion from you. Do you know the possible problem

04-18-2008, 03:35 PM
It's impossible to diagnose something going only off the symptoms. Since nobody here can look at the car, you need to find someone who can.

P.S. Nice edit, Moppie :)

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