Is the Vector WX8 a crock?

04-09-2008, 06:45 AM

I read up on the Vector WX8, and apparently, Jerry Wiegert is claiming that it is capable of 1,800 HP and 275 MPH. Do any of you believe this?

I do not, as when you look at it, it first looks like some project that some kids threw together on a weekend. Second, the Bugatti Veyron BARELY managed to make it into production, and it took years of testing and R&D, as well as many delays before the Veyron saw the light of day, do I don't know how Wiegert expects to ever produce a car with such capabilities, as Vector has no money. Like I said, the Veyron ran into many delays and almost never happened, and it was funded by Volkswagen, a large carmaker that is flush with cash.

I bet all of you will probably be like, "No s**t Sherlock! Of course the Vector is a crock!", but, I read the uotrageous specs, and thought it woul dbe a good subject for debate.

04-14-2008, 03:16 AM
I have seen videos for the veyron and was impressed. I want to see videos of the vector in motion. Until then not really sure what to believe:grinno: ? But if Bigfoot monster truck can jump a large jet from wing tip to wing tip, I think it can happen? look for any videos of the vector?

07-26-2008, 02:55 AM
2 ways of looking at it 1) the power 2) the speed.

the power, not an issue really, there are vipers available from aftermarket companies that run 1800hp and remain street leagle. vectors original w8 twin turbo's ran up to 650hp, and avtech used the wx3 design and tested a vector motor with 1100hp, said it functioned extreamly well. gerald will find a way to make the power. his limit will be getting that 1800hp and emense torque to the ground while not ripping the trans apart.

2) the 275mph top speed. based on the design shown, likely not. to much aero and it produces lift, which at certain speeds will lift the car off the ground. technology then allows for different ways of making downforce, however 90% of the time it takes away from the aero, therefor liiteing it's performance

04-28-2009, 02:17 PM
275mph is a REALLY big number for a street car. Even the much vaunted Bugatti Veyron can't make 250mph in street trim. You have to switch it over. Granted it's just the flip of a switch, but the effects on areo are tremendous.

I'm a big fan of Vector Aeromotive, but even the highest tech we have MUST comply with the laws of physics. Those say that to be a truly fast, and stable ride you need downforce. Downforce=drag. Without having an areo trim setting, even 1800hp isn't enough to punch a 275mph hole in the atmosphere. So, in a single word the WX8's claims are a crock.

Not saying it's impossible, just impossibly expensive. Vector has always made big claims. The W2 prototype was claimed at 200mph. It was likely good for 175 on a good day. The W8 was claimed at 250mph. It was good for 190-200. I can't recall claims for the W12, but I'm assuming it was good for 202mph like the Lambo it was based on. When it comes to Vector's claims, take them with a grain (or a thousand) of salt.

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