Which is better?

04-04-2008, 07:32 PM
I need to pick up a CHEAP spare van/truck very quickly. I have 2 prospects at the moment to look at. I realize its sight unseen; but if anyone could give me thoughts on which one I'd probably be better off with, I'd REALLY appreciate it!

The first one is an 88 Dodge Caravan. 2.2L 4-cyl engine, 5 speed manual. just went over 100K miles. Runs excellent, needs nothing mechanically. New tuneup, oil change, valve cover gasket, new antifreeze, thermostat, upper radiator hose. New muffler and recent converter. Very good tires. Interior is excellent shape. Outside has a few very minimal rust spots, but roof has lost paint and has surface rust. New rear liftgate cylinders. Only issue is that emergency brake pedal needs to be fixed. Engine has no leaks. $695 firm.

The second candidate is a 92 Ford Explorer. Eddie Bauer edition. 4 dr, has 4wd. Needs some work. It has an engine in it with about 25,000mi. on it but the suv itself has about 160,000. The remote car start needs to be reprogrammed. $700 a bit flexible.

Offhand, which do you think would be the better deal. The van would give me more cargo space, which is good. I'm just wondering about mechanical soundness. Anyway, any opinions would be VERY APPRECIATED! :rolleyes:

04-06-2008, 11:42 PM
in sted of a van u can purchase a mini bus also:banghead:


04-06-2008, 11:49 PM
personaly the explorer
the caravan is a good rig but is front wheel drive and cramped ie. expensive to have worked on
if you do your own work the explorer is a lot better to work on
i myself have worked on both
if you don't curse,,,the caravan will teach you how
Also,, the ford engines and trans tend to stay pretty standard
as the caravan may have a japan,american,or something else
as the ford will be a,or a 4.0 liter
check with the dealers and you will see

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