CTS-V vs BMW M3 vs G35 Coupe vs Audi S4 for less than 26k

04-02-2008, 04:06 AM
I'm debating between the following four cars, and some insight from anyone who owns or has owned any one of the following four cars would be great. Below are examples of cars for sale in my area, with prices and miles.

2004 CTS-V 40,503 miles $19,950 (ugly black/silver 2-tone paint job)
2004 CTS-V 33,764 miles $26,995 (black)
2005 G35 Coupe 35,746 miles $24,500 (MAN, lakeshore slate color ++ :smile:
2005 G35 Coupe 16,850 miles $24,930 (AT, black)
2003 BMW M3 39,000 miles $27,500 (SMG, black)
2004 Audi S4 25,022 miles $24,895 (AT, silver)
2005 Audi S4 47,667 miles $24,997 (AT, red)

- Since I do plan to do some weekend racing, I'm looking for a luxurious, dependable daily driver with at least 350HP (with or without mods) and a solid stock suspension/chassis setup, model year 03-06, with the less than 40,000 miles for less than $26,000. (Ideally <$24000)

- I would like a manual, but being this will be a daily driver, I'm heavily leaning towards Auto, which gives me something extra think about when considering the CTS-V, or any other Manual for that matter. Speaking of, I've heard the CTS-V has terrible wheel hop which doesn't really have a cost-effective fix :uhoh: Any input on this?

- I think most would agree that the M3 and the S4 are the best in overall performance, but I'm assuming the overall cost of ownership (with the price of the car, insurance, regular maintenance, and other add-ons) would be pretty high, not to mention I'd be forced into an older model with more miles opposed to the G35. I've also heard the daily driveability of the M3 is pretty harsh. :frown: Any input on this?

I'm leaning towards the G35 because I can always add power, but the S4 is in a close second because it comes with phenomenal performance for a comparable price AND I could drive that in the winter, which is a definite plus.

I know it really comes down to what I like but to this point, I've only driven the G35. I don't really know anything about the CTS-V, the S4, or the M3.

A little insight into what you guys think of these 4 cars and the ownership costs involved would be greatly appreciated!

Also, any other suggestions for cars similar to the ones above would be nice too.

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