Help! New car from an auction??...

04-01-2008, 10:19 PM
Hi everyone! I am in need of some third-party advice...

I have '03 Saturn Vue which I purchased in October. I hate the car and am trying to find something else. I work with dog rescues so I need an SUV as I often have 4 legged friends with me....

I found an '07 Jeep Compass with 29 miles on it listed for $13,500. The dealer told me the car had previously been titled and therefore I could not get the 2007 Jeep incentive financing. Fine. But I became curious as to why there was a car with 29 miles on it which had been titled... So I ran a CARFAX report on it... Seems as though the car was an auction! Is it me or there something super shady going on? Why would a new car go to auction with only 22 miles on it? I've posted the car fax report below. Any advice would be great! Thanks!!!!

01/31/2008 11 Florida
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Venice, FL
Odometer reading reported 02/12/2008 Florida
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Venice, FL
Title issued or updated
First owner reported
02/15/2008 22 Auto Auction Sold at auction
in Florida
Listed as
a dealer vehicle

Ray paulsen
04-01-2008, 11:09 PM
There is nothing shady going on it's a 2007 model not a 2008 model which qualify for incentive financing, it's very common a dealer will auction old inventory, and the first reported owner you see on your carfax is the seller ?

A little homework on your part with incentive's from the Mfg on the 2008 may end up being a better buy than the 2007, especially if your financing

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