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cranks and cranks and cranks, WILL NOT FIRE!!!

03-31-2008, 07:48 PM
I have this E250. It seems like everytime it rains for a couple days and we have high humidity, the darn thing WILL NOT START. It will crank and crank, but not fire. I can hear the fuel pump turning on. I don't believe its flooding, I can't smell gas. Could it be a bad distributor cap or a wire somewhere, somehow getting wet??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! I need this thing to run to get to work!! :banghead:


OH, btw its a 5.8L gas

04-04-2008, 10:30 AM
the next time it won't fire pull the distributor cap off and look inside to see if it has moisture on the bottom of the cap or on the pickup coil. if it only does it when it rains sounds like this is what your problem old are the plug wires? as they will act up when there is alot of moisture in the air. if the coil wire is bad you won't get fire from the coil to the distributor to fire the plugs.had a set of plug wires that would idle my 5.0 without a miss but when you gave it gas only four were hitting the other four were dead.and they went out on a turn.went from purring like a cat to limping home bucking and jumping at 20 mph.put it on a diagnosis machine and found the plug wires.

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