Front end alignment and OEM shock

03-30-2008, 11:45 AM
In February of 2006, I purchased a Canyon SLE extended cab with 24,300 mile on the odometer. The original stock tires were absolutely useless on wet pavement or in 2+ inches of snow (even witrh Traction Control and locking differential). :disappoin I also had trouble with inside wear on the front tires even though I had the front end aligned and rotated regularly. At 50,000 miles, in a snowstorm, I relaced the stock tires with Goodyear Wranglers. What a difference in snow. While the tires were being out on , the tech called me over to show me a couple of shocks that were leaking and were rather weak. :disappoin At that tiome, AutoZone had a sale on Monroe shocks, so I purchased a set of Monroe Reflex truck shocks and installed them myself. What another difference. The truck rides a little rougher, but it is well worth it. Plus, I haven't had a problem with front tire wear since. :p The
aggrevating thing was the OEM shocks. They were made in Thailand and looked like they were for a GEO Prism. The dust covers were plastic and were cracked. Actually, all 4 were leaking and could be played like an accordian. This is just for FYI if you are having front end problems. I will also put a post on the Colorado site.

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