How to Tread Plate an OFF-ROAD or work truck

03-28-2008, 02:16 PM
:popcorn: Welcome, everyone to my first thread. I wanna talk about putting diamond plate on trucks, jeeps, flatbeds, trailers, whatever. I've done several projects like this and wish to offer assistance to anyone who has questions about cutting and attaching this stuff to your project vehicle.

First, you need to get the dimensions of said project, for instance a utility trailer...(cause thats a good easy square piece) say the floor of the trailer is 8 ft by 10 ft....well in most cases you can't get one solide piece that size...actually the biggest I've ever found is 4x10 at this place

only thing is you have to call them.... so anyway for the sake of argument you then move on to stage 2 buying the right sizes

for an 8 x 10 obviously you can get 2 4 x 10s but say they only do free ups ground shipping on 3 x 4's well thats ok 2 you'd need 4 3 by 4's and 2 2x4's

Ok you've got it all you got to do is attach it somehow......but wait how do you do that???? Guess what LIQUIDNAIL
Don't even bother with bolts this stuff is like cement, then again you could always weld it or bolt it down but thats kind of a hassle....

For trucks and stuff it's just wash, rinse, repeat LOL

If you have any questions about a specific project send me a reply I'm happy to answer them when I get time....

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