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03-16-2008, 01:38 PM
my dad is looking to buy an everyday supercar. He has no idea which one he wants. He has a budget of about 100,000 but is willing to spend 130 if it is just the perfect car. but the cheaper the better (maybe then he might actually let me drive it)
his main critera is reliabilty, then looks and comfort equal,then performance, does not really care about pedigree as long as it looks fast.
he currently has a sc 430 and says he is satisfied but wants more

he would like to have 4 seats (2 is ok)
a hardtop convertable (a softop is ok as well as a non convertable)
awd is preffrible but is not that important

he is a little intimidated by maserati and the like and is afraid of the service (he has been raised on toyotas and now only drives a lexus)

the best one i could think of is a 911 turbo but that is on the expensive side and an m3 but not sure if the hardtop convertible is in america and he is not really sure that it is an improvement over the sc430

all help is appreciated

03-16-2008, 06:12 PM
Honestly, the SC is considered by many to be one of the worst sports cars made recently given the price. He will be shocked by how much better some of the competition is. Unfortunately, nothing will be quite as reliable as the Lexus. Lexus usually ranks at the top of reliability surveys. None of these cars should have atrocious reliability like a Ferrari or something, but none are quite Lexus good.

For hardtop convertables the Mercedes SL-class is the most common route. Generally considered to be the best hardtop convertable roadster. New one coming out soon.

The BMW M6 Convertable is a softtop, but still pretty good and has four seats like the SC. The M3 hardtop convertable isn't in the US yet, but it will be, so he would have to wait a little while. Might save some money over the M6 with the M3.

The Jaguar XK is absolutely gorgeous, but not quite as good to drive as the Bimmers and Benzes.

The 911 Turbo is good, but it is indeed very expensive and it is about to be shown up by a car half its price called the Nissan GT-R, which is dominating virtually everything under $200,000 for about $70,000. No convertable GT-R, but it is AWD. Another very good non-convertable is the Audi R8 which has recieved many great reviews.

04-20-2008, 11:37 PM
We have narrowed it down, the R8 is out, it is back ordered 2 and a half years but the dealer did drop hints about future variations. We went to the Aston Martin dealer, he really likes the vantage (only fits in the coupe) he loves the interior and the exterior. however he is worried it will be loud and not ride well, also it does have a bad blind spot. we sat in it while it was running and reved it. (we have a test drive scheduled this week.) He likes the 911 but it is expensive, and the interior is not great, but it has a lot more space. he does not like the m3 at all, but likes the is f, has not seen one in real life but the dealer gets them in in two weeks. so it is between 911 turbo, vantage m6 and the gran turismo (even though the aston martin dealer says that it is unreliable)

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