2.3 Timing Mark Discrepency

03-12-2008, 09:25 AM
Just bought a 2.3 Pick-up. It had a bad water pump so I naturally decided to R&R the T Belt at the same time I R&R the WP. Got a HAYNES Manual to assist in the process. On initial examination when the cam was set at the cast teet the crank was between 5 - 10 degrees off. Around 1:00 or 2:00. According to the manual the mark on the crank is a casting line at 12:00 and the cam mark is the small cast teet on the back Timing cover plate. In the manual the cam mark looks to be close to 12:00 also. HOWEVER...When I looked at what I'd consider the the cam mark (teet) on my engine it is around 2:00. There is a small notch that appears to be cut in the back cover at the 12:00 position. Is this the mark I should be using instead? Though I need to pull the cam cover and check valve adjustment I'd rather not have to do it today. PLEASE advise ASAP


Thanks in advance CH

Sword King
03-13-2009, 01:42 AM
Straight up is TDC for #1 & 4. 4 should be firing about then, so both rockers should be a bit loose.

Most American cars' timing is set with the crank and cam keyways facing each other w/ the distributor set on cyl #1,.. The 4zd1 and 4ze1 can be set the same way, or on #4 using the mark you show. Crank keyway straight up. That's also how you deal with a messed over 'harmonic balancer', aka drive belt pulley, when the ignition timing looks seriously bad, but it still runs.

In my experience, it's also good to put an oil pump seal in at the same time, cuz sure as shootin', it'll start leaking in about 3 weeks. :)


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