ACE PowerStick

Jay C
03-07-2008, 02:35 PM
Hello Everyone - I own several exotic cars. Like many of you, I am a fanatic about keeping it clean. To me a car isn't 100% clean unless the wheels are completely cleaned as well. I tried all types of wheel brushes to reach into the wheel. I found problems with them all and decided to make my own. What started out as an afternoon project turned into an obsession. I spent over a year developing the Ace PowerStick, which also has been private labeled by a few companies call "WhiteKnight PowerStick" & Blackfire PowerStick. They are the absolute best wheel cleaning device out there. I will admit, they are a bit expensive. But that is due to the fact they are all hand made and are made with special high quality components. There is no way to automate the assembly process. Take the time to Google AcePowerStick or all the product names and familiarize yourself with them. I made a nice video too. Due to the fact that many people have not heard of them, I have found people have questions about them. Although I may seem biased I will answer any questions about the PowerSticks 100% accurately. I am proud to be a member of this forum and look forward to being a contributor for a long time to come.

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