Pininfarina Sintesi concept car at the Geneva Motor Show

Concept car
03-04-2008, 06:46 AM
Just read the information about 78th International Motor Show in Geneva. There was some amzing announcements. One of them is about Pininfarina Sintesi concept car ( cept+car+at+the+Geneva+Motor+Show.html).[/URL]


“Sintesi” is the result of the Pininfarina Design Department, under the direction of Lowie Vermeersch, the 33 year old Design Director with almost ten years of experience at Pininfarina.

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The Sintesi is a sports car with four doors and four seats, developed by a highly innovative approach: it does not consider the car as a shape that covers the mechanicals, but one that gives a shape to the mechanicals around the passengers, starting from the latter. This approach, which is known as “Liquid” Packaging, has overturned traditional volumetric balances, improving weight distribution and lowering the centre of gravity, which are important elements for driving dynamics.

Our source of inspiration, was man’s freedom over technology, a car in which technology gives creative freedom back to the designer and allows us to explore new forms and future scenarios. This is why we combined and tested our ideas with the innovative technologies provided by our partners in this project. In its search for partners for Sintesi, Pininfarina sought not only the best partners, but partners willing to share the project as a whole: its challenges, difficulties, problems and solutions. Lowie Vermeersch, Director Pininfarina Design Department. (
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