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Astrostart Remote start 903U

02-29-2008, 05:46 PM
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I just bought a used 2005 Toyota RAV4 L that came with the factory car lock and unlock remote. It also came with an aftermarket astorstart remote start installed. However, now I'm carrying two controls. I was looking in the Asrtostart documentation and the model 903U comes with two options, I have option 1 but option 2 has the engine start AND the door lock/unlock. In the manual it talks about code learning of additional transmitters. I have found the remote control I want but want to know if this is the correct route in consolidating into one remote. Online it seems possible; however, when I called a remote start dealer they informed me that my thinking was illogical that I would in fact have to buy a whole new system because the remotes have to be connected to the system brain. Is it possible to just get a same model but different option remote and code learn it to my vehicle?

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