2003 b2300 SHOULD I BUY IT?

02-29-2008, 09:57 AM
How are you doing guys, just wanted some opinions if I should buy this truck or not. It a 2003 mazda b2300 5 speed manual 4 cyl RWD. Its got 87000 miles and the only problem it has is that the rotors are warped so when breaking at high speeds it shakes. The timing belt and clutch havent been changed yet but theres no slippage. I havent seen it yet, the guy is coming sunday for me to drive it and everything. Theres a couple of minor scratches from using it for working on his house and the interior is in overall good condition. It was in an accident back in 04 (slid into a guardrail) but all of the body work was fixed under insurance and he has papers for it. It comes with a torneu cover ( i think i spelled that right). He's only asking 3800. What do you guys recommend looking for when I see it and drive it and do you think it's a good deal? I would use the truck to get back and forth to classes everyday and this summer hopefully going on some roadtrips. Forget to say the guy is the original owner of the truck.


Ray paulsen
03-02-2008, 05:12 AM
Hey Eddie,,, If everything you say turns out to be true then it's good value, but asking $3800. is what dont check out, in other words with some good negotiation skills on your part this truck can most likely be had for close to $3000. and that tells me " maybe " red flags.

as for recommend what to look for check out this link http://www.usedcartips.org/TESTDRI.html I dont expect you to become an expert over night but hopefully pick up a few pointers to help you get valid value.

check out the papers from the Insurance claim that the title has not changed to salvage or re-build, as a last step make deal subject to an independent inspection, you know it needs rotors but dont need any extra surprises,,, if not allowed you must walk away.

PS,,, take your time,,, if you let your emotions rule you could end up doing this :banghead:

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