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1998 Amigo starts and dies

02-27-2008, 10:06 PM
This is my son's car and it will start and blow a fuse then die. My husband has spent four days tracing wires and knows it's a ground issue but can't find the culprit. Sometimes it runs 20 minutes, sometimes only five. We're thinking of just parting it out or finding it a good home where someone can replace the harness or continue tracing wires. He needs a car to get to work and really can't afford garage prices to have someone find this electrical gremlin.

Any ideas? Any takers? It is red, in pretty nice condition, soft top which needs replacing, fair tires, original wheels, 2 WD, what else can I tell you? We are in northern Nevada and can send you pictures via email if you're interested. I think he'd take $500 for it at this point.


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