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Rough Idle...Loss of Mileage 17 to 13

02-24-2008, 12:27 PM
I'm back to seek any and all advise the forum can offer. My tranny is working great after the rebuild,however, my mileage has taken a dive, and the vehicle seems to be running rough. It's mainly noticable when stopped and in gear. There is a vibration which appears to be a symptom like it's out of tune. I put in new densos, cleaned the EGR valve and tube (per instructions in this forum) new PCV,air filter,(the air intake sensor or MAF looks clean & ok), ran a far amount of Lucas Oil injector cleaner through two apllications,installed a new fuel filter, and the problem didnt go away. HELP!!! During this time and process I have never seen a CEL.

So I bring it to a shop who I thought I trusted, next door to my good tranny guy. It sits for two days, and they dont touch it.TOO BUSY. I went and picked it up because I need it....My tranny guy says he has a computer. We hook it up and run the diagnostic. My question was are the 02 sensors going, and he stated that they were switching properly, but that two were reading such that the engine was running LEAN. OK so starved for fuel....thus needing more fuel....loss of mileage, and drivability. NOW WHAT. So the mechanic see's us and comes over, let me get it in the shop and I'll determine whats up, I'll sqeeze you in. So I left it with him. I guess I had to threaten to drive away, and be seen with the tranny guy next door before he could find the time. He calls me two hours later saying that my Trooper is dirty?? MAF needed cleaning which is BS because I checked it. He replaced my brand new PCV valve and claimed it was stuck, and put's another frickin brand of injector cleaner in it, and says I'm good to go. Improved 02 sensor readings he claims.$148.00 later $78 in labor plus parts) Did I mention the rough idle is still there:banghead: The shop owner claims that the motor mounts are tight but worn thus causing the vibration or roughness:runaround: My tranny guy checked them during tranny work, and stated they were fine. 77k miles on them. I was hoping that the injector ports would have been flushed at the very least, because that was what I felt might be the issue causing it to run lean, with a possible fuel restriction. Some junk from the cleaner chemical maybe??? What to do guys...I'm feeling abused. HELP!!! I havent been able to check the miles yet, but I dont think they will be any better due to the same drivability issues. I'll update after I get a tank through it.

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