New mustang from Ronaelle? ???

Tedstang GT
02-24-2008, 06:31 AM
New guy here and lookin to chat with mustang enthusiast who can relate to mustang addiction, not old enough to own his own dream machine yet:runaround: , but the wait will be over soon...

To the main topic, I was watchin mustang drags on youtube when I saw this link to an electric dragster video. I thought "this should be slow,humiliating, and funny." :lol:.... :eek: Boy, I couldn't of been more shocked. This electric took off like a missle and didn't stop accelerating. I thought, HOW? I heard all those electrics were slower than tables, but apparently if you can make performance oriented electric vehicles that actually can go FAST. Being the die-hard mustang man that I am, I thought for a sec....... has an...electric... mustang...ever been attempted? Maybe? Nah, I googled it.....sure enough it had been done by a few crazys, but something else caught my eye. "New Ronaele 300EV Mustang:first high-performance street-legal all-electrtic american muscle car." Curiosity didn't kill me, but it did get me interested in how good could this actually be? I thought it was quite interesting but with no one to share with.(none of the people that live under my roof have a clue about the word fast car:banghead: )so I went to the Mustang gear heads here at auto forums to share my revelations. Go ahead and google "Ronaele electric" and share your thoughts on this thread. You can ask me pretty much ask any question about this car and/or discuss it.

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