Cedric LSD options. *NEW USER*

02-19-2008, 10:49 AM
Hey guys, 'sup? this is my 'initiation' thread i guess.
I'm from Trinidad, have a 1st gen (SA22C) GSL-SE RX7, with an RB20ET motor, being doing autocross (what we call "solodex") a year now ith it, adn about time i get a LSD rear end. The problem is, i've converted my rear end to that of a nissan cedric ( it had the same track and was solid axle as well as haing rear disc brakes and well..cheap lol), the diff holds up very well under the torque (i've dyno'd the car @ 7psi and i layed down 175whp and 195wtq..pulls very nicely for such conservative numbers).
I wanna upgrade the rear end to a LSD, but i really really dont want to remove the entire rear end etc etc, i was looking for. maybe some aftermarket LSD internals that would work in the cedric housing, hopefully direct bolt up and none to minimal mods.

Any ideas guys? where i can source such a unit? shipping for us in the Caribbean usually is out of miami, so chances are once there's a US dealer, i can get it..well..providing such a part is avaiable at all..its not a very common car or rear end to source aftermarket parts for, so i've been getting great difficulty in locating what i need :frown:

Would really appreiate the help guys...
oh and y'all should check out the guys in Trinidad and Tobago a bit:
www.trinituner.com (http://www.trinituner.com)
www.zorce.com (http://www.zorce.com)


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