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94 Trooper - Check Trans Light

02-18-2008, 01:19 AM
I have a 1994 Isuzu Trooper with 190k miles that the Check Trans Light has been coming on (flashing) in the morning when it is cold and the transmission goes into the limp home mode. Once the vehicle warms up and I restart it then it works fine without the Check Trans Light or limp home mode. If I start it in the afternoon after sitting all day it works fine no problems. All the flulid levels are good and the battery is above 11.5V when load tested on the cold mornings. I also noticed that the Check Trans light will come on before I even start the vehicle, when the key is in the on position after the initial light check is done, so my guess is that there most be some kind of electrical sensor or solenoid problem. I had recently overhauled the trans and it worked fine for a few weeks with no problems. It was overhauled because the 2nd and 3rd clutch packs were burnt. I understand that there is a seperated trans control module TCM from ECM but I'm not sure how to pull codes from it. If I try to pull codes from ECM data link connector all I get is code 12, all good. The ECM connector is a three pin connector on the driver side of the center console. So is there a seperated data link connector for the TCM or is it suppose to be the same as the ECM?

I found a seperate TCM diagnostic connector at the same location as the ECM diag connetor, listed above, and it is a white connector with two wires (yel/blk and blk/grn). When I jumper accorss the connections I get two codes: 82 and 36, in that order. I found code 36 in a trans manual, which was listed as "TCC Solenoid Voltage High". However, I have not found Code 82. Can anyone verify what these codes are and what can be done about them?


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