2000 dts wont turn over

02-11-2008, 05:13 PM
Ok guys, I have a 2000 cadi DTS. I put it away for the winter in october. If the car sits for a week or so the battery will die out. I think it is because the 2way aftermarket alarm draws it down. NO PROBLEM.

I own my own repair shop so i can handle a dead battery (http://www.2carpros.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=200165#).

The other day I put the batery charger on it for about 4 hours on 12v/40amp to start it up like I do here and there.

PROBLEM :banghead:

All the electrical everything is powering very nice , I know the battery is very well charged. BUT when I turn the key i get no cranking over at all. I checked fuses, wiggled wires, checked batt. connections,I also tried turning the belt pullys to see if the starter was stuck in. Im aware on the northstar engine that the starter is in the intake man. But Im not sure if thats my issue. Im not sure if this is a antitheft, electrical, or starter problem. a

Im hoping somebody had the same problem??

A year ago when I bought the car, the batt. died once. I had the same problem. that time i just turned the pullys with my hand hoping th starter was stuck and wiggled wires here and there. she fired right up and never had that problem untill now.


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