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FS:1989 Trans-Am in Florida

02-11-2008, 04:03 PM
I have been working on and off for about 3 years on this '89 T/A and am almost done with it. Just finishing up little odds and ends things before I sell it. Basically, the car reads 118,xxx miles but has been mostly replaced with new or reconditioned parts now.

The motor was built about 1300 miles ago now and runs very strong and reliably. I used a 4 bolt main 350 block bored .030 over. The cam is a mild 350 cam, close to stock (not sure on the numbers, but I have most, if not all, of the motor machine work paperwork). It has 305 HO heads and the chip has been burned to match by I also have a spare PROM that goes with the car. The intake and runners were powder coated black and polished on the top fins of the plenum. All sensors, lines, hoses, belt, etc were replaced with the exception of a couple (IAC, EGR was eliminated, etc) It also has timing gears.

The interior was gray but was in poor shape when I got it. I have since replaced it with black plastics, good seats, recovered the sail panels and visors, and the headliner will be replaced with an ABS one before sold. The doors are still being recovered at the upholstery shop and should be back and in the car by the end of next week. The interior is very clean and tidy and probably rates about a 7 or 8 out of 10...especially for a car of it's age.

The tires are new with less than 1000 miles on them. The A/C was just recharged with R-12 and blows ice cold now. I also replaced the heater core last weekend. The brakes have all been replaced including new master cylinder, one hard line, flex lines, rotors, calipers, and bearings/seals up front. The rears have new lines from the "T" back to the calipers and the calipers were replaced a few years ago, but will more than likely be replaced before I sell as the RR was damaged when the mechanic stripped the bleeder trying to bleed the brakes and I never got a chance to return to have him replace them. The rear diff. is a 3.27 posi 9 bolt Borg Warner and was serviced less than 1000 miles ago. Also I changed the tranny fluid and filter and the coolant when the new motor was put in.

Mid December I painted the car. In the process, the hood, hatch, ground effects, mirrors, etc. were removed to properly paint all the door jambs, under hood areas, and sills/crevices. The t-top seals were removed also to paint and have since been replaced with new seals. All four center caps have been replaced since and I should have all the wheel nut caps back on by the time I sell it as well. When I was finished painting I replaced the coolant overflow bottle and windshield washer bottle as well which really cleaned up the engine bay.

Before I sell the car, it should have the door panels back on, new door lock switches, new headliner installed, antenna assembly replaced, wheel nut covers back on, Trans-Am decal kit put back to original, as well as any little things I see once it's all said and done to finish it off.

Basically, the car is already a reliable daily driver and I would trust it to drive anywhere. It is just not and was not built to be a show car, so some things could be better if that were what someone interested in the car had in mind. I will post some pictures below, but they are of the car right after paint and the t-top seals are not back in yet, nor the center caps, etc. I am still finishing it up, but wanted to put it out there to see what kind of response it got now. Any questions or if you want specific pictures, please email me at or PM me here. Thanks.

Asking $6500 with all the above mentioned completed, but I could probably work something out with someone wanting me to leave the last of the little stuff if they wanted. Also looking to trade for a nice 4th gen Trans-Am or possibly Formula.

02-22-2008, 06:30 PM
Here a few updated photos taken a couple days ago after I installed the headliner, decals, brake pedal pad, shocks & struts, new exhaust, and antenna assembly. It also has an Alpine cd deck, Kenwood 6x9s and Pyramid 4x6s.
The exhaust is a Flowmaster system and sounds awesome. There are a couple more odds and ends to tidy up, but for the most part it is completed. Still waiting on door panels. The car looks almost new again and rides awesome with the new struts/shocks and has plenty of power.

02-26-2008, 09:24 PM
It's on Ebay now too if you want to take a look:

03-08-2008, 05:55 AM
I would also consider a trade for the right sport bike...2000 or newer. The door panels are now installed and the headlight motors have been replaced, shocks and struts replaced, antenna assembly, and many more parts since first posted. It is a great reliable daily driver car. Also, I would take $6000.

03-20-2008, 05:35 AM
it looks beautiful man...hard to get a buyer tho... you should keep it x_x. its so awesome looking, better shape than my 97 ss. :/

03-20-2008, 05:58 AM
Thanks. I don't really want her gone so much as would rather have a bike or the money to pay down some bills right now is all.

I also should add to the description while responding here. I recently found the a/c compressor had leaked down out of the seal. So it now has a reman compressor, new accumulator, and orifice tube and has been retrofitted to 134-a. A/C blows cold still and all, but it is not R-12 anymore and I thought it should be mentioned.

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