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idle problems and tranny clunk 99 avalon 125k

02-06-2008, 09:02 PM
I am new here. I have been having a problem with the idle dropping down to 500rpm especially after I hit the brakes hard. It then slowly comes up to 750. I was told that it might possibly be the idle control motor-sensor but I do not trust the local dealerships at this point. Then someone told me that they had the same problem and it was the egr valve. I then found out that if I took the harness off the egr it worked great. I I took the electric sensor off the egr vale it worked great. So I replaced the electric sensor and it did not fix it. I am now running with the sensor unplugged and it works fine 98% of the time. A couple of times the idle has dropped down upon restarting after stopping for 5 minutes, going to the next stop sign and hitting the brakes. Then it is fine. Now here's the really weird thing. I have been having a clunk in the tranny when going 20-40 mph, taking the foot off the gas and then accelerating again. This has been a long term problem. I have noticed that since unplugging the egr sensor th clunk is gone. any ideas??? thanks much, Bradd

02-08-2008, 10:19 PM
Bradd here again, I drove most of the day trying to get the clunk back with no success(disconnected harness). Tonight I put the harness back on the egr valve and immediately got the clunk back and the rough-low idle. I will post when I find out this mystery, Bradd

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