help me on a trade

02-06-2008, 02:22 AM
im thinking about trading my s10
for this

the guy will take my truck straight across for it, i dont know if its a good deal. my s10 has a decent amounbt of problems it loses power to the engine like it stops getting gas. sometimes its a little rough to get into gear and the clutch likes to get higher and lower depending on the weather... the bumper is dented twiced, i hit a tree on the left and a pole on the right. the left fender is crinkled from the tree and the grill is cracked a little in the chevy emblem and its well smashed on the upper right hand side, you cant see it really though, it has a zip tie holding it up. the dash it ok for the most part, except the radio console is loose and the glove box is broke and kinda semi hangs. the door panels are good and the seats are ok though some rips starting on the driver side. i think a fat woman had it before me. it doesnt have a head liner just metal, behind the seats are fine. the bed is begining to rust and look crappy. but it has a new clutch, master and slave cylinders also. but theres an air bubble some where in there and screws shit up. i know it sounds like my trucks a piece. and it is.

i was browsing around trying to find parts for this truck because it could be just like mine. and i cant really find an auto parts for it. and this is where my delima starts, should i trade my s10 straight across for this?

heres what he told me "Truck came with ac and some one took it off, has heat, no radio or speakers, I was just gonna get a cheap cd player or somethin for it but havent had the cash. Gets pretty good gas mileage even with the big tires and all. Clutch and tranny are good, goes into every gear fine and 4wd as well. No problems that I know of, could use some seats the ones in it are torn. I have replaced alot of parts to make it reliable."

do you guys this this would be smart considering i cant really find replacement parts and i dont know how reliable of a truck his is? any more questions is should ask him?

02-06-2008, 10:13 AM
That would be my first concern- finding availableparts, whether used or new for that truck.I did a quick search of for that make and model to see if any parts were available in any salvage yard in their system around he country and that truck isn't even listed. That sends up a "red flag" for me and I would tend to think this would cause aggravation in the future trying to locate parts and pay a high price once they are found. I would continue looking around for something which you could easily obtain parts, as we all know as these vehicles age they need more repairs and parts.

02-06-2008, 12:19 PM
i acutally found some websites with plenty of parts for it available, i searched for a nissan instaed of a datsun and it make it alot easier and

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