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98 fueln pump wiring and relay

02-03-2008, 03:22 PM
I have a 98 ram 1500 full size van. It died and my wife was having surgery for cancer and I let someone else, mechanic, fix it. I usually figure stuff out myself and do the work, just for fun, just didn't have the time.

It turns out it was the fuel pump. They changed that, I picked up the van on a Wed. and drove it home, it sat until Friday, I went out and it wouldn't start again. Now, it turns out the wire burned up when the pump went, they just ran out of the fuse box from a source of key on only power and ran directly to the pump, bypassing the relays in the power distribution center. The service manual says there are two relays, the ASD, automatic shutdown, and the fuel pump relay. I would assume that bypassing these relays would be a bad thing, but would it cause the thing not to work after being run about 8 miles. If not then what should I check, there is no serviceable fuel filter in these things, it is built into the pump as part of the regulator assembly, which should have come as part of the new pump.

thanks mark

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