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92 E150 rough idle

01-31-2008, 04:23 PM
1992 E150 5.8L , I have an injector thats partially plugged [ van isn't driven much until recently ] , my mechanic suggested running injector cleaner through the gas tank , which I have done over the last several weeks . it seemed to be helping , there was only a little hesitation or missing most noticeable between 30 and 40 mph otherwise it started and ran pretty good . yesterday I started it and it runs very rough with a popping sound , once and a while it acts like it wants to smooth out but doesn't . if I take my foot off the accelerator it dies . I tried to read the eec codes [ quite cold out ] I did let the engine warm up to opperating temp . the codes I got were 17 , 28 , 32 , and 33 . I realise I may have done some thing with the injector cleaner perhaps knocked something loose or fried a sensor . any insight you can give me will be appreciated .

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