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hr30 l28et!?!

01-25-2008, 09:18 PM
hi guys,
iv got a 83 skyline coupe a l20et(blowenhttp://www.nissanforum.com/image/s6.gif) and a l28e. i was wanting 2 put the turbo gear off the l20et on the l28e to make it a l28et and i need any help and segestions i can get http://www.nissanforum.com/image/s5.gif
Oil cooler
Multiple sensors
Harness pistons and head,
different injectors,
stronger webbing in the block for cooling and oil distribution,
the ECU????
iv been told that i can put a resitor in the afm so it runs 2.8l http://www.nissanforum.com/image/s5.gif

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