Replaced the starter on 1998 Amigo

01-25-2008, 10:45 AM
I am in the middle of replacing the starter on 1998 with 6cyl. Just thought I'd enter some valuable info to other diy mechanics. The catalytic converter (exhaust pipe near the engine) must come loose to get the darn thing out from underneath.Disconnect battery! First remove 2 starter bolts, take off drivers side tire, move aside rubber skirt behind tire to get a good look and access to the starter wires. Remove wires , take three bolts out of exhaust front and two on the other end of the section(easier said then done, use PB blaster to loosen nuts). disconnect O2 sensor on rear section no need to remove front one.You just need to move the pipe over, not remove it all together. Also three small nuts holding a cover over the wires needs to come off for more room. You'll see it underneeth. Twist the starter to the left ( from under the car facing front), face it gear down at an angle and squeeze the sucker through the space. Walla!:grinyes: I will be installing it later today. I had it rebuilt locally. Good luck. The haynes repair manual is NO help.

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