Engine swap options

01-17-2008, 12:06 PM
Okay so I have a 94 pickup with the 4zd1 in it. I want to swap the engine for a nice FI engine cause I amnot a fan of carbs one bit. That and the engine has like 200k on it and needs a rebuild and the tranny is bad and keeps shattering clutches for some reason (yes I know how to drive). Anyways, I was just curious which engines will bolt in and everything that would be needed for the swap. Any help here would be great

Sword King
03-13-2009, 01:10 AM
My friend and his son put a 2.6L 4ze1 in where the 2.3L 4zd1 used to live in the kid's Trooper. They used the 2.3 intake manifold w/ a hi volume, low pressure electric fuel pump just ahead of the fuel filter on the rear passenger side frame rail. It had lots more power, but there's more to come. They have a Weber carb, but haven't got it on yet. The 4zd1 head on the 4ze1 block will give them much higher compression when they get a round tuit (probably this summer), they're talking about a Calmini cam vs a Delta regrind, and they're both into the whole HHO thing, which they claim gives much better low end grunt and better mileage on the hiway. Mind you, that was an '86 Trooper in a foreign country, and may not be legal for you to do where you live -- I don't know. YMMV, AFAIK, no guarantees, slippery when wet, etc.


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