need confirmation of marks?????

01-14-2008, 04:49 PM
hello to all
i have a question as i'm stump ok on my wifes 2000 sportage on the exhause cam gear the dowle hole lines up with the line=12 oclock timimg mark gear
on the intake gear the timing mark seems to be off because the dowle hole doesn't line up with the mark my mark is more to the left. so when the exhause timing mark is line up with the mark on the back plate the dowle is also at the 12 oclock position.but on the intake side when i line up the timing mark the dowle is not at 12 oclock but more towards the 1 oclock position i need to verified if this is right as i have no power when i set the timimg marks as describe also is the number one piston suppose to be all the way up when the timing marks are all line up as where mine when the timing mark reads td the piston seem way down but when i bring it to the top the timing mark reads 10 degrees hope this makes sense as it is the best i can describe it right now.:runaround: :runaround: :runaround:

01-15-2008, 08:29 AM
As stated on drawing on previous thread
the line up of the marks is what counts. Of course I would tend to believe the mark on the crankshaft pulley is the TDC...but cannot confirm, as the KIA drawing just says "mating mark", not TDC and I have not checked that personnally.
THere was another thread where the key that locks the pulley to the crankshaft had broken and the pulley then was misaligned....I'll try to find it, I'm not sure on what KIA forum that was..but it suggests it is a possibility...but , I think, a very faint possibility.

The following info is from forum member hvac1000 and it adds some hands on experience details to the "official" info :

When you put in the new belt, remember how the cam pulleys are lettered so you remember which letters align upward and check the crankshaft so the mark is pointing upward as well. The left part of the belt is placed on first. When placing the left side, you will need for someone to hold the cams in place with two 17mm wrenches so they don't move. You will need to twitch the left cam when putting in the belt or it will end up loose. By twitching I mean, play with it. Just make sure they don't jump when you press the belt in. I did it on my own, but had to try it about 6 times. To hold the right cam from moving, I used a pressure plier and held it against the back plate while I fitted the left side.
loosen the tensioner, use a screwdriver or prybar and pry it back then tighten it in the back position, after the belt is in place and all marks are lined up then loosen the adjuster bolt and it should spring back to tighten belt, tighten the bolt and check the deflection loosen and use screw driver to apply pressure to the tensioner until deflection is correct, tighten tensioner and rotate engine 2 times and recheck the alignement marks

01-15-2008, 09:09 AM
..were any codes read at any time before ? Is the CEL ON?
Ahh..and, reading back your post, "...on the intake gear the timing mark seems to be off because the dowle hole doesn't line up with the mark my mark is more to the left...." it is not the dowel on the shaft that counts, but the E and I marks near the rim pf the pulley
... quite visible here that the mark is not aligned with the dowel:
(not at the reference position on the photo)

01-16-2008, 01:52 PM
thanks well on my intake side the key way is fine but as i stated it doesn't line up with the I. like they stamp it wrone from factory i wish i was home to take a picture of it but i drive trucks out of state and i'm not due home until mid april hopping sooner.but what i really need to know when the cranckshaft is line up at 12 oclock is the number piston should be all the way up. when i put mine to the top the mark reads 10 btdc when it put it back at tdc it is down more than i think it should.???

01-16-2008, 03:32 PM
Waiting for a photo.
Line up the I and E marks as shown on drawing for timing the belt. . THe marks are NOT aligned with the keyways. THe keyway is not important: forget about its position relative to the marks. If you try to align the keyways, it will NOT be timed correctly.

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