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neon coilpack check?

01-10-2008, 07:52 PM
How do i go about checking a coilpack on a dodge neon? 1995, sport. SOHC. it has no spark to #1 plug, idk about the rest cuz i havent checked those yet.. but will do soon. a coilpack is about 100$ so itd be cool fi i knew what was wrong.

symptoms: random stopping of car, really smooth-like the spark was cut off. happens RANDOMLY. sometimes will restart, idle a bit funny and then cut out again. seems to happen more when its hot:sly:

i was thinking ign coil OR wireharness.. ill check the wiring harness one more time when the cars in the garage but yeah..itd be nice to know whats wrong w. the car..

01-10-2008, 08:58 PM
ok. checked the coilpacks.. its supposed to be 11.85(K ohms) across the two pairs (Front pairs, back pairs- i measured close to 13K ohms.. so thats not too good, and the connectors.. its supposed to be 80ohms across middle and the outsides.. i got 20 ohms both times. so im assuming the coilpacks are on its way out..but its still working, cuz i got it to start @ that..

what do you guys think? fried wiring harness? i gotta bring it up to check.. fried ECU? (when the car heats up, it seems to die..) or just the coilpacks?

i also know the alternator belt slips a little-when i started the car up after it cooled down, i turned all the acc on just to see if i could load the engine down to stall again, the alternator light blinked im assuming i gotta change that is sort of loose.

01-12-2008, 08:28 AM
If the secondary resistance was supposed to be 11.85 kilo-ohms and you measured 13k - thats close enough its probably okay. The difference between seeing 80 ohms and 20 ohms is either a sign of some shorted windings, or a measuring problem. If you had another ohmeter that showed the same values I would be more likely to think it was 'the' problem. So far I havent helped - right? I dont know how to test a coil pack, other than to get one from ebay and do a swap.
If you alternator belt doesnt make a loud screeechh! when it is slipping, (most likely happening right after you start the car, then either that belt is oily, or really loose, or really worn. Even when the belt is loose enough to make the screech, the 'alt' light usually wont come on.
When I adjust the alternator belt, the way I test it is to turn on the headlights for 5 minutes, and leave then on when I start the car, and rev the engine to at least 2000 rpm. That will put as much 'demand' on the alternator as it is ever going to see.

The alt. belt can get oily from the power steering fluid leaking onto the belt from above it. And when adding p.s. fluid, its all too easy to drip some fluid onto that belt.

01-13-2008, 05:28 AM
yeah, it HAs been making that funny noise.. so i know i have to tighten it up. i just bought a new coilpack to replace the old one, so i'll update with news..if the problem WAS solved or not.. hopefully it was! gonna tighten up the alternator belt, install new coilpacks!

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