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brakes wont let go

01-08-2008, 01:41 AM
I have a 96 corsica w/3.1 and abs, back in spring the front drivers side caliper wounld not let go and was getin really hot until it would not let me go without the car horribly shaking and pulling to the left. so I replaced both rotors, all pads, and the drivers side caliper, everything was fine until now. The drivers side front caliper is grabing again so I replaced all the same stuff "under warranty" and bleed the lines and the two bleeders on the master. Its drivable but the drivers side still gets hot after you drive for about 10-15 minutes, like hot, smoking and you can smell it and feel it. when bleeding the lines I noticed that the passenger side squirts double the fuid than the drivers, and the new caliper is on the drivers side. Does anyone know if maybee the abs could be malfunctioning, or if i pull the abs fuse would it disable it. all the lines look clean on the outside. The drivers side just wont let go. any ideas woould be greatly apreciated

01-08-2008, 06:48 PM
Did you replace the rubber hoses, especially on the one grabbing?? These collapse over time due to rust, damage etc. and can clog to the point you can't blow air through even with 100lbs of force. I have had this happen twice, once due to age and once due to a minor amount of damage due to hitting an object in the road.

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