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Chevy fuel selector

01-05-2008, 04:11 PM
I have an 87 Chevy K 1500 with dual tanks. Won't switchover tank to tank and no power to fuel pumps. If I hotwire fuel pressure is available. Does anyone know of wiring diagram? I have checked or replaced fuel valve and switch. Thanks!!

Bob B
01-06-2008, 10:26 AM
When my old 77 chevy did that, I found the wire for the valve on the fusebox above the drivers left foot had been kicked loose.
Also one person on this list that I helped with the same info.
Bob B

01-06-2008, 03:49 PM
They switched to electronic fuel pumps in each tank in '87, so it's no longer just a selection valve like in ours. But, as always fuses are a good place to start checking.

Chilton/hayes manuals should have wiring diagrams in them.

01-07-2008, 01:39 PM
Hey Guys, If you check behind the instrument cluster on these 73-87 trucks, you'll find the following wires that plug into the cluster as 1 plug.. :
#1 Lt. green = high beam indicator lamp. #2 Gray = instrument lamps. #3 Black = ground. #4 Pink/black stripe = ignition. #5 Tan = oil pressure sending unit. #6 Pink/black stripe = ignition. #7 Pink = Fuel (will be spliced to #18 if you have dual tanks. Use the wire from #18 to hook up fuel gauge). #8 Black = ground. #9 Dk. green = water temp sending unit. #10 Black = ground. #11 Lt. blue = left turn signal indicator lamp. #12 Dk. blue = right turn signal indicator lamp. #14 Yellow = fasten seat belt light. #15 Md. blue = choke warning light. #16 Pink/black stripe = ignition. #17 Tan/white stripe (2) = park brake warning light. #18 Pink (2) = Fuel gauge sending unit (splice to other pink wire at #7).

As you can see, # 18 and # 7 wires splice together to give you the dual crossover gas tanks.
Check out ( and click on Garage on the left, then click on Interior on the next page. There are a couple of articles written by Mike Ervin (and others) that are awesome and very detailed on some of the issues you may encounter on these trucks.

Hope this helps.

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