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Disable seatbelt chime in '04 Crown Vic?

01-02-2008, 04:19 AM
I know, it's been said a thousand times, so don't say it again!!!

I'm a cop; I get in and out a hundred times a shift. I sometimes have to get out FAST.

I want to disable the seatbelt chime :banghead: which at times drowns out vital information coming in over the radio.

My patrol car is a 2004 Crown Vic. I don't have the manual. I have tried three different methods found in various fora on the 'net; none worked.

Does anyone have the manual? Can you please give me the proper procedure for turning off the damned dinger?

01-02-2008, 08:28 AM
I believe you have to actually take that to a dealer and let them turn that off through the pcm, I may be wrong but I believe thats the right way to do it. they changed it on one year and I dont know which year but they made it so you cant turn it off, I think it was 05 so good luck, if you know anyone at a dealership try them.

01-02-2008, 05:53 PM
Have you tried taping the door switch (on the car side where the door closes near the hinges) with some strong tape. But if you do this your inside dome light wont turn on when you open the door. If you dont work night shifts you wont notice the missing light. thats my two cents. this probly wont effect your the seatbelt system but worked on my 92 until I fixed my door.

01-02-2008, 06:19 PM
Click here to download the owners manual. ( It tells you how to accomplish what you want to do. Go to page 100 and start reading. I think the directions start on page 102. The manual is 6MB so it may take a little while for you to download.

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