trans problem solution on '96 ram 1500 5.9

12-29-2007, 01:10 PM
my trans was acting like it was slipping betwen 2nd to 3rd gear and i had it in trans shop they put to switches in and changed the filter /fluid and adjusted the bands. well a couple days later it got to doing the same thing. i took it back and was told nothing to do but put another trans in it. so i kept trying to figure out if the bands are adjusted, new switches , clean filter/fluid then what else could it be? i stumbled across a trans relay in the relay box under the hood. there are 6 in the box that are the same relay as the trans one they go to the horn, cruise control, trailer relay , fuel relays. but each of the six were the same relays. so i thought i'll swap the one for the horn as the horn and cruise have not worked in six months . so i swapped the horn and trans relays went down the road it shifted to 2nd at 2500rpms it shifted to 3rd at 3100rpms and shifted to forth at 2500rpms. the 5.9 was woke up it will do 80mph in 1/8th of a mile and this is not doggen it nothing but smooth shifting and power thought i would share this as not all trans shifting problems are the trans itself

01-02-2008, 07:02 AM
One thing I have been having problems is the transmission not shifting at the correct rpm not sure if this is the same problem but I think it is the cable that connects the transmission to the throttle body. It gets gummed up and doesnít move smoothly. It is located directly under the driverís seat on the trans. I have been putting cable lube on and it improves but it gets washed off when I plow so I think im buying a new cable. And try that new relay thing.
I wonder how many shops convince people that their Trans is bad so they can make money off them.

01-03-2008, 04:31 PM
yeah i think the cable tells the trans when to shift . i know if it has a lot of slack in the cable the trans won't shift properly and as for trans shops rippin people off .how many people know that much about a trans to argue with a trans tech.

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